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Vignelli and Timelessness

I read the Vignelli Canon, which is a booklet by Massimo Vignelli. Vignelli was a graphic designer, and his booklet can be split into 2 sections: the intangibles and the tangibles. I’ve already learned a little about the tangibles (grids, colors, font sizes), but learning about the intangibles (ambiguity, discipline, and visual power) was something I read over repeatedly. I was so obsessed with the physical details of graphic design that I forgot about the philosophy behind design itself. The intangible element that stood out to me the most was timelessness. A good design stands the test of time. Some of the most iconic logos such as the NASA logo have been around for years. It’s hard to forget that timelessness is an important element. As Vignelli said, “we despise the culture of obsolescence.” In a society that has normalized obsolescence, revolves around trends, and is often wasteful, timelessness is sorely needed. Looking at the designs in the booklet, many of them can’t be placed in a certain time period, which is the goal. I’ve realized that lots of my graphic design could look dated soon, and it is something I need to work on.

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