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Week 2 Summary

Week 2 has been a much less stressful week, mostly thanks to having reduced work hours. Now I actually have time to get stuff done!

I did some Daily Creates. These were more silly than last week, and I really liked doing the AI generated music. My poem was inspired by the miserably humid Williamsburg weather. I did a Vignelli Summary about the Vignelli Canon. As someone who has tried graphic design, reading the booklet has changed how I look at design as a whole, and has lead to me appreciating good design. My first design assignment was creating a VHS tape. This one took the longest but looks the best in my opinion. I also had fun recreating old technology. I decided to look in magazines for ads or article covers for my Design Blitz. It made me ask myself about how many graphic designers have actually read the Vignelli Canon, because there were some serious duds in the magazines.

As a cheap reference to a video game and my love for running, I completed the Are We There Yet? assignment using a story about running from an angry truck. I’m also a huge music fan so I did the Triple Rocktroll Lyrics assignment. Making fun of nu metal is easy, but it’s a guilty pleasure. This assignment was definitely the easiest.

Making a Motivational Poster wasn’t too difficult, but the real challenge came from thinking of a good motivational phrase than designing the poster itself, in which I used a picture of myself on top of a mountain. The Color of Words felt gimmicky and not particularly fun. It might be a neat idea for a guessing game, but not much besides that.

I was finally done. Or so I thought, until I realized I needed to do a GIF assignment! Oops! Running out of time, I decided to do the Favorite Musician GIF and Googlyify a GIF. The former was easy and also exposed my love for the Canadian rock band Rush. The latter was by far the toughest assignment, but also very fun. Most of the challenge came from learning how to make a GIF in Photoshop. At first, my GIF was way too fast and could have potentially been seizure-inducing! Thankfully I was able to slow it down, and now you get to see what Dwayne Johnson would look like with googly eyes!

Overall I had much more fun this week thanks to not being on such a tight schedule. I felt my work this week was less rushed/unfinished and even though I almost forgot to do my GIF assignments, those turned out surprisingly good. This week has a lot less “dark” elements in it, probably because I feel much less stressed out from reducing my work hours. Onward to week 3!

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