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I visited an antique shop to check out any old records and VHS tapes they had…

Something caught my eye, and I couldn’t believe it. I saw an old copy of Birdemic: Shock and Terror, one of my favorite movies of all time! An absolute masterpiece with such original ideas and effects far ahead of its time.

How I made the VHS cover:

  1. Find the movie poster you want to find
  2. Put in a canvas in the shape of a VHS box in GIMP/PS
  3. Add a fun border around the picture, make sure it looks like something from the 80’s!
  4. Place some circles to create stickers and add text you might find on a VHS sticker
  5. Add other various logos you might find on a VHS tape
  6. Use the paint splatter brush to make the box look old and worn

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