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Motivational Poster!

“They’re not steep when you get to the top” my friend kept telling me as we climbed up a hill in Shenandoah. I was exhausted, having woken up at 5 am just to make the sunrise. We were almost at the top and finally I looked out from the hill and saw the valley in autumn below. Suddenly my calves didn’t feel like wood and my quads could move freely again. Maybe the hill wasn’t so steep after all.

  1. I found a picture of myself on top of a hill. It looked motivating enough.
  2. A classic quality of a motivational poster is a colorful border around the picture, so I added a violet border.
  3. I needed a title, so I just added hills since it was in the picture.
  4. It needed the motivation itself, so I thought of a saying one of my friends said.

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