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Design Blitz

I did a “design blitz” in which I tried to find photos of design with certain qualities mentioned by renowned graphic designer Vignelli. I noticed I had some old Game Informer magazines which contains lots of good (and not so good) examples of graphic design. Image 1 (with the giant “X”) shows minimalism. It shows the title of the game with the “X” taking up most of the page. An image of a character jumping between two cliffs is at the bottom and blends with the background. Despite the lack of detail, this effectively conveys a grand sense of scale. Image 2 (Snickers) shows rhythm. The three different images with the “fun” caption give a sense of unity and consistency. The viewer quickly draws parallels between 3 different objects thanks to rhythm. Image 3 (Cuphead) uses typography to add themes. The “Cuphead” logo has a retro font which ties in with the 1930’s-themed cartoon characters. These combine to tell the time period Cuphead is in without explicitly saying it. It’s a good use of show, don’t tell. The final image (warm forest) uses color effectively. The bold warm colors are very eye-catching and complement the word “boom” on display. A desired quality in first person exploration is immersion, and using this bold yellow/red color scheme immediately draws attention.

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