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Category: Video

  • Make a Top 10 or Ranking Video

    Like most people in this day and age, I love sharing my opinions on small random hobbies. For me, this sometimes means rollercoasters. I decided to make a Top 10 for the coasters I’ve ridden. However I realized that I needed a deeper message than just sharing my opinion so I made the argument that […]

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  • Point of View

    I chose the assignment “Point of View” (3 stars). On the internet, a strange meme/concept has circulated for years called “The Backrooms”, a sort of liminal, otherworldly space that seems to never end and houses dark secrets. Whenever videos about the Backrooms are made, they are often short first person horror clips. I decided to […]

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  • The Thing about Tension

    John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) is one of my favorite movies of all time. Besides the practical effects that still hold up 40 years later, Carpenter demonstrates his knowledge of building up tension and catching viewers off guard. The scene that perfectly sums up this film is the Tainted Blood Scene. I first watched this […]

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  • Frame by Frame

    Roger Ebert talked about analyzing individual frames of a film to reveal meanings behind a movie. This is something that I’ve heard of before, but I always assumed that all good filmmakers carefully crafted every individual frame in a video. Ebert makes the point that films are set up to emphasize certain shots, not individual […]

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  • Week 4 Summary

    This week was more challenging but really fun! I might try to do more daily creates, but the ones I got were less fun than previous ones, but that might be because I prefer doing something visual or something with graphic design. I made some more comments. Hearing the voices behind other people’s work was […]

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  • Googlyify a GIF

    Dwayne Johnson’s no stranger to being weird, being involved in professional wrestling before his acting career. However, since May of this year, The Rock has been seen with his eyes covered with googly eyes. Various media outlets have theorized that The Rock is in a live action adaptation of Coraline, featuring the bizarre replacement of […]

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  • Favorite Musician GIF

    My favorite band is Rush, thanks to the late legendary drummer Neil Peart. The band’s magnum opus is La Villa Strangiato, a self described “exercise in self indulgence.” It is a 9.5 minute instrumental in which all 3 musicians are firing on all cylinders. Peart’s drum work is nothing short of fantastic, so I wanted […]

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