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Welcome – Midweek Summary

The power of music!

Welcome to Paddy Projects! This site was created for a class I’m taking called Digital Storytelling!

Setting up this website was mostly easy, if not a little tedious at times. The UI for WordPress works well in my opinion and is easy to navigate. It felt like using any Microsoft Office/Google apps. Installing plugins was slightly frustrating, however. Lots of having to make accounts for specific plugins and “purchasing” (but not paying for) plans. I guess that’s the price you pay for quality of life improvements as well as security. As a cybersecurity major, the latter is important to me. My website is definitely still in the early stages, as lots of areas look empty, but with time that will definitely improve. For all of the website’s social media accounts, I made a quick logo from a photo I took a long time ago. It gives the website a “retrowave” feel. Overall designing a website was really neat, and I hope I can use it outside of schoolwork too.

I have a Google account already, which made setting things up much easier. Because of this, I already had a YouTube account. Nevertheless I uploaded a video to make sure everything worked properly. Before that I also quickly made a SoundCloud account and added a “welcome” clip there too. I couldn’t think of anything creative to say, so I apologize for that! I already had a personal Twitter account, but I wanted to create a separate identity for the DS106 class (and keep people away from personal information) so I made a new Twitter account. I tweeted my response to the 6/22/2022 Daily Create so feel free to check it out! Finally I made a Flickr. I’ve lurked on Flickr a few times, but I never made an actual account, which is strange since I do photography sometimes. I was excited to finally make my account. I shared 5 of my favorite photos/digital art and my Daily Create post.

I’m excited for this class, but I’ll have to make sure I’m putting in enough time while also working at a part-time job. It might be challenging but it’s nice to stay busy over the summer.