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Week 5 – Another Lane

Breezewood, PA. A small town in a rural island in an otherwise urban region. Famous for an ugly but iconic main street, the town has recently had traffic issues. With such a busy main street, it’s not hard to see why.

Certain groups have emerged, lobbying for another lane on Main Street. Contractors are funding this project, hoping to get in on this project.

A town hall meeting is also coming up to decide this. Most people are excited for a prospect of “less traffic” and “better business”, but not everyone is convinced.

One of these people is a man named Doug Lahey, who always barely scrapes by. He doesn’t even own a car because it’s too expensive. He kept an audio diary and shared his plans about stopping the lane from being made.

He arrived to the town hall meeting to protest this new lane being made, but it ended poorly. Clearly, nobody had his interests in mind.

Unfortunately for Mr. Lahey, the plans went through. It cost him dearly, particularly the use of his legs for the next few months. He was his by a car and his legs were broken. Now he has even more trouble getting enough money to scrape by.


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