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Week 4 Summary

This week was more challenging but really fun! I might try to do more daily creates, but the ones I got were less fun than previous ones, but that might be because I prefer doing something visual or something with graphic design. I made some more comments. Hearing the voices behind other people’s work was neat, so I commented accordingly. I also read an article by the late Roger Ebert about analyzing individual frames in films and how they can tell a story. I already knew about this but it was neat seeing examples of it in Tarantino films and Kubrick films. Continuing on analysis for film, I had an excuse to gush about one of my favorite films, John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). This was one of my favorite assignments this week because I love sharing this movie and it was neat realizing why I love it so much.

At some point, I think we all had dreams of becoming a YouTuber so I was excited to do video assignments. The first one that I did took lots of time and effort, but it came out nicely. I’m a rollercoaster enthusiast, and like any other good enthusiast, I love sharing my personal opinions about my hobbies. I decided to make a top 10 list for my favorite rollercoasters. I’d like to thank all the Rollercoaster YouTubers that uploaded non-copyright footage for use in other videos. The other video that I did was a little more simple. I made a POV video in the style of a horror film. Inspired by Hotline Miami’s ominous rooster character and the fact that I had a rooster mask, I put it to good use and made a minimalist minute long horror clip. Thank you to my dad for standing in my backyard with a rooster mask on.

This week was by far one of the more challenging weeks in terms of thinking outside the box, but it felt the most rewarding by far. My favorite assignments were the scene analysis and my rollercoaster video, due to my enjoyment of each subject. Nothing really bothered me this week which was a nice change of pace.


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