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Week 3 Summary

This was yet another week where I didn’t have time to do much. When I wasn’t working, I was busy figuring out how Audacity worked and finding good examples of audio design. I did some daily creates as usual. I also interacted with my classmates by making comments. People are really creative and it was neat seeing what other people did for their assignments! Sometimes I did have trouble thinking of what to say, however. This was probably one of the less fun parts of this week.

I was told to listen to advice from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad about why digital storytelling is important, which definitely opened my eyes to why podcasts have become so popular. I’m also a fan of This American Life, so hearing the former talk was exciting. I also listened to various audio stories to get an idea of how to tell a story well with sound. I also heard how to not tell a story with sound, at least in my opinion. For an audio assignment, I made a spooky soundscape of an irradiated desert. I love the Fallout series, so this was my homage. I wanted to do something with music, so I created some vaporwave. This was quick, easy, and fun.

This week was challenging as I learned how to make audio projects. I was already quite familiar with photoshop and making visual projects, but Audacity was new territory for me.

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