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Are We There Yet?

It was meant to be a simple road race. Or at least, that’s what I thought. After being out of commission for weeks, I was eager to run again. One truck driver was not too happy that he almost hit me. He was probably on his phone or something. To show off his “bravery” and to stand up to those evil pedestrians, he barreled down the hills of the city to try to run me over. However, I was still faster. And besides, his truck was too big and used up too much gas to last long. And now he has to pay the price, whether in gas or the countless cases of property damage.

How I made this project:

  1. I found a picture of myself running. Normally I run to race, not to run from something. What if I was trying to run away from something?
  2. I took the iconic truck chase scene from the video game Sonic Adventure 2 and replaced the titular hedgehog with myself. I did this by copying to image of myself over the City Escape screenshot.
  3. I used the eraser to carefully erase the background in my picture.
  4. I adjusted the colors and lighting of my picture to blend in with the truck chase scene.

One response to “Are We There Yet?”

  1. I saw your photo first and thought – oh that’s cool, but then your story grabbed my attention and I had to look back at the photo in more detail. I hadn’t noticed the truck behind you, at first glance I thought it was part of the city, in using this as your background there is so much that captures the eye and holds the attention and your story fits in perfectly!

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