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Point of View

I chose the assignment “Point of View” (3 stars). On the internet, a strange meme/concept has circulated for years called “The Backrooms”, a sort of liminal, otherworldly space that seems to never end and houses dark secrets. Whenever videos about the Backrooms are made, they are often short first person horror clips. I decided to do a similar thing. However, I don’t have an empty office space to use as “Backrooms” so I changed the setting to be in the woods (my backyard). I needed something scary in it, so I used a rooster mask I bought for a cosplay (Hotline Miami) last year.

  1. I found the setting with the lighting I wanted. I wanted to emulate walking in the woods at night, so I used my backyard when night fell.
  2. I found a prop to use. In this case, I only needed a rooster mask and someone to wear the rooster mask (my dad).
  3. When I filmed the POV, I breathed heavily and frequently shook the camera. This made the video quality look lower.
  4. After filming the clips, I added them into iMovie. I put the “noir” effect and combined it with the muffled sound filter. This made the video quality even cheaper looking and adds to the fear.
  5. Finally I added an opening credits card and a closing credits card.

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