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Make a Top 10 or Ranking Video

Like most people in this day and age, I love sharing my opinions on small random hobbies. For me, this sometimes means rollercoasters. I decided to make a Top 10 for the coasters I’ve ridden. However I realized that I needed a deeper message than just sharing my opinion so I made the argument that a good rollercoaster is not unlike a good book in terms of having good pacing and adding something unique. This project is something I put a lot of effort into, and I’m very happy with it.

  1. First I thought of a subject to make a Top 10 list on. I just visited an amusement park (and I currently work at one) so ranking coasters was an easy choice.
  2. I wrote a script for the video and found a good place free of noise to film myself talking. I propped up my phone on a chair opposite to mine and started filming myself talking.
  3. For the audio-only segments, I went back inside and recorded in my room, free of any noise.
  4. I imported the video and the audio into iMovie and started searching for footage to use.
  5. To avoid getting into copyright disputes, I found channels that uploaded non-copyright footage of the coasters I was discussing.
  6. After using a Youtube to MP4 website, I downloaded the footage and trimmed each of them accordingly.
  7. I added text during each section of the video showing the name/location of the coaster and to credit the channel that the footage came from.
  8. I normalized and compressed the audio so that I sounded more clear and a little louder.
  9. I added fade-to-black transitions between each segment.
  10. Opening/closing credits were a requirement so I added those too. I used a still image of my channel’s logo and added text on top.
  11. Realizing the video felt empty without background music, I used some that I already downloaded from iTunes. It was video game music so it happened to already work well as background music.
  12. I uploaded the video onto YouTube, adding credits/links in the description in the video as necessary.

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