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Favorite Musician GIF

My favorite band is Rush, thanks to the late legendary drummer Neil Peart. The band’s magnum opus is La Villa Strangiato, a self described “exercise in self indulgence.” It is a 9.5 minute instrumental in which all 3 musicians are firing on all cylinders. Peart’s drum work is nothing short of fantastic, so I wanted to show his skills in his prime within 2 seconds.

  1. I first found the video on YouTube and downloaded 2 seconds of it starting at 8:13:50.
  2. I converted these 2 seconds into a gif, making sure to preserve the cheesy late 70’s vibe of the music video.

One response to “Favorite Musician GIF”

  1. I love how well you kept the 70’s vibe of the original video, and the gif as a whole has a lot of energy. It’s clear to see Neil drumming his heart out and I think you captured his focus and skill really well in just two seconds.

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