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Spooky Season

For this assignment, I had to create a scary audio clip. I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas recently, a video game which takes place in a post-nuclear apocalyptic Mojave Desert. I wanted to capture the unsettling nature of the wasteland at night, so I mixed in desert sounds with a Geiger Counter and a dissonant droning noise.

  1. I thought of sounds that reminded me of the desert. I found this wind sound effect, some low guitar chords, and a piano chord all on Freesound.
  2. Also on Freesound, I found a creepy wailing sound effect and the sound of a Geiger Counter.
  3. I added these sounds into Audacity and clipped them all to be the same length.
  4. I turned up the volume on the piano chord but turned down the volume on the wailing.

2 responses to “Spooky Season”

  1. This was a well-thought-out scary clip. I like how you kept the sound of the Geiger Counter prevalent throughout the clip and added the other sounds behind it. My small just personally opinion 🙂 would be to hear that guitar and piano chords just a little bit louder as I didn’t hear them the first time I listened to it. They added to the mystery of your clip along with the wind and I think making them a little bit louder would help create that tingly creepy feeling more. Overall fantastic job!

  2. Ya that droning noise really sells the SCARE. I love fallout and other post apocalyptic games/movies/books and I feel like you created something that fits well within the genre.

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