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Category: Design

  • Googlyify a GIF

    Dwayne Johnson’s no stranger to being weird, being involved in professional wrestling before his acting career. However, since May of this year, The Rock has been seen with his eyes covered with googly eyes. Various media outlets have theorized that The Rock is in a live action adaptation of Coraline, featuring the bizarre replacement of […]

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  • Favorite Musician GIF

    My favorite band is Rush, thanks to the late legendary drummer Neil Peart. The band’s magnum opus is La Villa Strangiato, a self described “exercise in self indulgence.” It is a 9.5 minute instrumental in which all 3 musicians are firing on all cylinders. Peart’s drum work is nothing short of fantastic, so I wanted […]

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  • The Color of Words

    A warm wind blows, circling around me. The funnel grows closer, but the buildings are torn further away. The only things that remain are me, a field and the gales of rage. I used PhotoChrome and typed in the word to search. I downloaded the color map and one of the images used. The images […]

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  • Motivational Poster!

    “They’re not steep when you get to the top” my friend kept telling me as we climbed up a hill in Shenandoah. I was exhausted, having woken up at 5 am just to make the sunrise. We were almost at the top and finally I looked out from the hill and saw the valley in […]

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  • Triple Rocktroll Lyrics

    I’m so thrilled to see Korn tonight! Tom Morello, their guitarist is amazing! They’re my favorite nu metal band by far, which is saying a lot. One of their best songs is Chop Suey! I thought of genre that had similar artists I could “mix up.” I went with nu metal, a bizarre byproduct of […]

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  • Are We There Yet?

    It was meant to be a simple road race. Or at least, that’s what I thought. After being out of commission for weeks, I was eager to run again. One truck driver was not too happy that he almost hit me. He was probably on his phone or something. To show off his “bravery” and […]

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